Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012 - We've been waiting for you

Divine Timing
The time has come for us to pause for a moment as we wave goodbye to the year past and shout an excited or tentative hello to 2012. This is not just any new year, but a year that has the clock ticking in a count down of prophecy. It is a time of accelerated growth and radical renovation, breaking the evolutionary stagnation we have experienced for some time now. What fate is in store for us? What transformation will take place? The answer to these questions lie in the personal choices we make.

I feel 2012 is a year of change for humanity as we make choices and changes that will transform the way we will live and interact with each other and our earth. The waves of Love and Truth sent by God towards us will intensify, ushering us along, yet our fearful resistance will certainly squeeze us into uncomfortable corners.
We will choose our path or way - the broad path of Natural Love with a final and limited destiny to be perfected in Love, the original state of man. This is the main path humanity is currently following OR we can choose the narrow path of Divine Love. The infinite destiny of Divine Love is to become At-One with God and transform into a Divine Angel and enter the celestial realms of heaven.

The three vital keys for the Path of Divine Love is Humility, Truth and Love. Humility softens the lock of our resistance, allowing our soul door to open wide for error (unlove) to leave and Divine Truth to enter. Now Divine Love can flood in, transforming our soul. This is the grand renovation of the soul, bringing new attributes, functionality and infinite potential. It is only through receiving Divine Love that we can become At One with God and transmute to Divine Angels (receive our angel wings and be totally in truth and free of error) and enter the gates of heaven while still on earth. This is the true meaning of Heaven Upon Earth. We are not divine in any way until we reach this state...we have to choose this path to become Divine.

The more we find the courage to be humble, the more we open to Divine Truth and Divine Love to fill our Golden Chalice (our soul), the more we engage our soul's passion and loving desires. The sands of change will swirl causing the orbs of prophesy to become unpredictable, causing our fate of former phophecy to be uncertain. And...this is good news. As we open to allow Divine Truth and Divine Love to change us, we grow in love as our unloving ways leave us. Concurrently, both our inner and outer worlds change. As each of us change and grow in love, we literally change the patterns and behaviour of the universe and support loving change in others. This is how God has designed it.

For 2012, dive deep into your soul's courage, ignite the mighty power of your passion and desire for Divine Truth and Divine Love to enter whilst softening in your humility to feel your way through the grand renovation and transformation of your soul. The ticket to the destiny of your choosing, is waiting in a street car named Desire. The GPS is set and all you have to do is turn the key and let God take the wheel.

Divine Humility
Humility is a passionate longing or desire to feel every belief and emotion within ourselves whether it be painful or pleasurable, no matter what anybody else feels about it. 
Divine Truth
Divine Truth is a passionate longing or desire for God's Truth to enter and open our soul to Divine Love.
Divine Love
Divine Love is a passionate longing or desire for God's Love to enter and transform our soul
  • Love can only enter when error has left the building
  • Error and Truth cannot reside in the same space
  • Fear prevents truth from entering our soul
  • Humility allows error to flow out naturally
As humans it requires great courage and humility to accept that many concepts and beliefs that we hold dear in our hearts are in fact untrue. However, there is joy waiting for us as we realise that the truth of who we really are is much more amazing. It is also heartwarming that our profound loneliness, pain and what seems an endless struggle, can dissolve and transform with Divine Love. For Divine Love and Truth is God's Way of Healing us.

If you allow it, Love, Truth and Humility will literally transform your lives. 2012 and beyond is all about Love. Learning about love from the inside out, effortlessly resonating waves of love out into the world. This is how you can be of greatest and most profound service to yourself and to our world.

God's Love transforms us, we don't have to do it ourselves. When we surrender and allow God's Love to transform us, it is effortless.

Love, Love, Love, All We Need Is Love.

I am deeply grateful for what One Garden essences have revealed to me. They have ushered me along a path of truth and helped me discovered the true meaning of me as God's child. God heard my prayers and the celestial angels came and offered me a way of service not only to my soul, but for others. It was my prayers, the longing in my soul for truth led me to the teachings of Divine Truth through AJ Miller, Mary Luck and the Padget Messages. What astounded me was the convergence of their teachings and what I was receiving through the birthing of One Garden essences. It all beautiful merged into the same language.

One Garden essences act as gardeners of your soul, taking you by the hand and lovingly guide you to the places in your inner garden, to show you the qualities of the your soul that need love and attention. They assist to cultivate an environment for you open to truth,so love can enter to transform you.

My Love and Blessings and Prayers reach out you. Let your passionate, loving desires and the mighty power of your soul carry you to your destiny filled with Love and an amazing life however you choose to be.

Graeme and I give gratitude to our practitioners who have been working with One Garden.
We look forward to being of service to you during 2012, to assist the loosening of your resistance to Love.

and Graeme
Co-Creators of One Garden Divine Flower and Nature Essences.