Monday, August 8, 2011

Royal Welcome

Royal Welcome - Tibouchina
Tears flow as she is welcomed. She has returned from the test of truth, the straight red carpet, the golden carriage awaits, trumpets herald her presence in jubilation. The crowd cheer and wave to her, she is home at long last with her true royal family. She has place, purpose, sovereignty and is divinely loved.

Grow desire to: commit to earth journey; welcomed as God’s child; release emotional wounds causing illness and depression; release wounds of rejection; be accepted; feel worthy to live fully and wholly
Her Strengths: Vulnerability, whole hearted, reconnected to Source, truth as a soul, fully accepted, recovered, awakening, sovereign, revitalised, acknowledged, belonging in place, position and value, supported during chaos, grounded, has a purpose for living, blessing children, expansive, divine right to be here,
Her Wounds: Alienated, separated, excluded, rejected, inadequate, unworthy, unwanted, unloved, denied, rejected, forgotten, ill, depressed, disconnected, denial of soul’s truth as a sovereign child of God.
Physical: Support for revitalising and recovery from long term illness, auric cleanse, nervous systems, strengthens and charges neural pathways, helps you handle increased light frequencies and be less appealing to neural diseases that inhibit the body’s ability to hold energy, strengthens DNA, stimulates regrowth, rebuilding and accurate replication of cells, enhances its ability to recombine into the promised fuller strands – rebuilds cells.  

This jubilant, royal purple flower is often found at the front entrance of homes, lovingly welcoming each person as they step through the gate to return home from a long journey of separateness. The white tentacles beckon you home and to walk through the door.  Once home the  garden path of the soul unfolds. Each flower along the path guides you to deeper truths of  your true soul's qualities and desire to come shining through. From here you will recover from the maze of fairytales to find a solid path to walk.

This essence is for people who feel locked out of their own lives, disconnected and invisible. The return journey and the opening of doors starts with vulnerability and willingness to feel and desire to know our true self beyond the self created masks. People who have these injuries feel that constantly need approval or apolgise for their existance. This of course is an untruth.  

Royal Welcome is the choice to end separation, to reconnect to God and discover your true sovereignty and purpose as a soul living in a spirit and physical body upon the earth. Since Amon and Aman (earth first parent’s commonly known as Adam and Eve), their decision to turn away from God’s love and help was the beginning of humanity’s degradation. This is commonly describes as The Fall or reference to Separation. Most humans have been taught to live a life of self reliance, without the help of God. We are now beginning the journey to re-establish our relationship with Her without the filter of religion. We have suffered under the rule of self-reliance and now we are offered to live in the way that a loving parent who welcomes each child home with open loving arms.